HARRY WALKER, born in Dawson (CAN) 28.12.1978
As a guitarist, bass player and songwriter in several bands with different styles of music (but also as a guest musician with numerous established artists), he has become a well-known name in his home town ...
In 2010 he decided to start a solo tour: "solo & unplugged" ...
One man, a guitar and a distinctive voice that describes his personal life and musical experience in a variety of songs ...
His music relates how he dealt with love, pain, hope and disappointment in relationships and the time thereafter in a refreshing way that is by no means self-indulgent!

His style is not a cliché ...
it combines a singer/songwriter approach to pop/rock with a true musician's commitment to the blues.
The result is unmistakable: honesty, intimacy and enjoyment are evident in his songs and also clear to everyone who sees Harry on stage.

At the end of the year 2012, what had up to then been only "an idea" and medium-term goal for Harry became reality: three other musicians joined up, complementing the solo acoustic show to provide a "full band" show.

At the end of the year 2013, he reworked and consolidated the band line-up.

Now, Harry hits the mark with a bit of "rock" … and tasteful share of "roll".
Each new member of the band has introduced his individual musical influences, pushing the songs to the next level ...
What you can hear now is more comprehensive …
but one thing hasn't changed at all:

Dedication, enjoyment, clarity and honesty are what this music is all about!!!


2010 - a perfect day to die
2011 - 2013 - who´s that guy
2014 - tell the people i´m here
2015 - second hand heroes

2016 – across the nation

2017 - Wild´n Crazy

2018 - World´s Okayest Tour



© 2010 by HARRY WALKER

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